November 10, 2020

Lutron Smart Lighting & Shade Control

Lighting has always affected us on a deep psychological level. It can influence our emotions, alertness, concentration, and even our stress levels. The most sought-after lighting in homes tends to imitate natural sunlight. The closer to natural sunlight we get, the more comfortable we are in our homes. This is why the amount of actual sunlight that enters our home is an important factor in designing a home. The only downside to natural sunlight is that it can warm up the room and/or fade the color on our expensive furniture and paintings. Luckily, Lutron has developed a fix with its shade control solutions. By regulating the sunlight indoors, they help keep your room comfortable and your heating and cooling costs under control. Lutron has specialized in energy-saving lighting control for over fifty years, focused on creating high convenience products with maximum style so your home can look as good as it feels.

Lutron provides a wide array of options which suit any lifestyle and any need, allowing you control of your home’s natural lighting in the way that you see fit. With options including dimmers, light control systems, occupancy/vacancy sensors, and shading solutions, Lutron can help you to reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint. This investment helps reduce monthly costs even more than the standard products by integrating all your lighting products into a single system. Lutron shading fabrics don’t just look great, they use only sustainable materials and could be the right investment for you and your home.

Xssentials is an official provider of Lutron products. Our showrooms offer a perfect showcase of all products on offer from Lutron. Our friendly salespeople are happy to provide demonstrations or assist with any questions about Lutron products.

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